ShipGear – ERP integration for UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager

With ShipGear you can connect your existing ERP, accounting and business applications to UPS WorldShip® and FedEx Ship Manager® in a few easy steps to start sharing information across your business.

From order to shipment to delivery, ShipGear bridges the information gaps to make you more efficient, reduce errors and improve customer service.

All with a powerful connector for getting ERP, accounting and ecommerce orders quickly into UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager.  Plug-and-play interfaces setup quickly but also offer full access to field maps and translations to personalize the interface without the need for custom code. 

Ship your orders in a few clicks!

1) Enter/scan the order number.

…Or browse transactions by using a “?”

2) Weigh the package(s) and process the shipment.

Your order is automatically updated with shipment details such as freight and tracking numbers.

Try ShipGear FREE for 30 days

The trial version of ShipGear is a full working copy giving you instant integration between UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager and your business application. Try it today to see why thousands of companies use ShipGear to make UPS and FedEx shipping more efficient.


Looking to use UPS DC funds? (formerly UPS CTP)

Contact us to see how you can use UPS Digital Connections funds with StarShip Online, our premier cloud solution!

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