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ShipGear® UPS WorldShip® Compatibility

What do I do if I see this message in ShipGear Exchange?

Your current version of ShipGear is not compatible with UPS WorldShip version xx and must be upgraded. The following link provides more information regarding this message along with upgrade instructions.

Additional Comments

The My Account area enables you to view and manage your ShipGear license and provides access to:

  • Software subscription status
  • Availability of Support Plan or support incidents remaining
  • Download links
  • Company contacts

If you are current on your Subscription (Maintenance) Plan:

  • You will be able to access the latest ShipGear download link, serial number and upgrade instructions by logging into your Account.
  • In order to access your Account, you will need to provide your account number, email address, and password. If you do not have a password, one can be requested from the login page.
  • Follow the steps outlined in the upgrade instructions to update ShipGear to the latest version.

All ShipGear licenses require a current Subscription based on monthly volume:

  • Renew online at
  • Renew via phone by contacting our ShipGear Sales Department at 800-462-4016 (dial 0 and ask for a Customer Account Manager).
  • Upon renewal, you will be provided with the download link, serial number, and upgrade instructions.
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