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UPS® & FedEx® shipping for Macola

Shipping Software for Macola

Simplify shipping your Macola transactions.

ShipGear® provides the connector between Macola orders and UPS WorldShip® or FedEx Ship Manager® to fulfill orders faster and streamline Macola updates.

Why ShipGear shipping integration?

  • Streamline shipping, customer service, and billing processes
  • Save time processing shipments with direct access to Macola orders and invoices
  • Improve data entry accuracy and reduce carrier accessorial fees
  • Inform your customers with automated, customizable shipment notifications
  • Dashboard gives the entire office quick access to shipment status, metrics and reporting!
  • Branded Email – personalize your ship notifications
  • Freight Rules – dynamic freight charge calculation

Two interface options to meet your shipping software requirements.

The Macola Progression series interface provides 2 methods for updating the document: manifest system interface and direct update.  The manifest shipping software interface allows you to update freight and invoice customers in 1 step while providing a more detailed view of the package tracking information. With the direct update freight charges are automatically written back as well as shipment detail to the Order Header or Item comments.

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