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To increase call center efficiency, your call is immediately directed to a qualified technical support analyst working in a Response Center environment. Each technical support analyst has been trained in all aspects of a specific V-Technologies’ product line (StarShip or ShipGear) including carrier modules and accounting interfaces. This means that any support analyst assigned to your product is capable of handling your call. Currently all support inquiries are treated equally; meaning all calls, emails and voicemails are answered in the order received. Our goal is to improve customer satisfaction by taking more of your calls directly and minimizing the time you spend holding in the queue. Our analysts will work with you to document the question or problem, troubleshoot it, and work to rapidly resolve the problem within a time frame of 15 – 30 minutes.Because each support issue is logged as a unique case, we ask that you call right away with your inquiry rather than waiting until you have a list of questions before contacting us. Contacting us immediately greatly increases our ability to properly diagnose and resolve your issue.V-Technologies provides a number of self-help tools on our website. We recommend that you take advantage of these free resources prior to contacting the support team:

Calling Customer Support

When you call V-Technologies and choose a support option from the phone system’s auto-attendant, a live person will verify that you are eligible to receive support and then route you to the next available support analyst. If there are no technicians immediately available at the time you call, you will be placed into the queue and connected with a qualified technician as one becomes available. If it is necessary to leave a voicemail, include the information below as well as a contact number and email address for call back.

Please have the following prior to the call:

  • Current support contract or available incident – see Support Packages
  • Licensed Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • UPS account number (6 characters) – ShipGear for FedEx customers should provide their 9 digit FedEx account number.
  • Information regarding your inquiry – detailed description of the issue including error messages or system related messages.
  • Case Number (to re-activate a previously logged call)Each time you initiate a support request, a case is logged by a qualified support technician. Case numbers can be requested upon the completion of your call.

Support Packages

After-sales support is a vital part of the total V-Technologies customer experience. In order to effectively suit your needs, V-Technologies offers per incident and annual contract support. V-Technologies defines a single support incident as an issue that focuses on one aspect of the product, e.g. use of a specific documented feature of the product or assistance with a specific problem or error message. Addressing other product questions/issues related or unrelated, constitutes a separate issue and requires an additional support incident. Please note that an incident DOES NOT cover step-by-step setup or walkthroughs. If you need a technician to walk you through the installation process, we now offer a StarShip Installation Appointment service. Per incident and annual support is available online at: shop.vtechnologies.com

Support Incidents

V-Technologies has a pay as you go system in place for users experiencing very few software related issues. Our 1 and 5 pack incident packages give you the flexibility to buy support when you need it.

Annual Support

This contract constitutes one full year of support incidents per software license. Separate contracts are required for StarShip, StarShip Freight and ShipGear. Annual Support includes email, phone, remote assistance and unrestricted access to our Quick Help Documents and Whitepapers. Annual support DOES NOT constitute walkthroughs or installation.

For each module or add-on purchase, users will receive 1 free support incident to expire 30 days from date of purchase. Note: financial system migrations or upgrades are not considered add-ons, therefore, a free support incident will not be issued.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** A V-Technologies Subscription contract does NOT cover support. See the V-Technologies Subscription Policy

Case Resolution Definition
Once an issue is accepted as being within the extent of technical support, the resolution of a technical support issue shall be defined as accomplishing any one of the following:

  • The underlying issue is targeted and resolved provided that it is related to the software.
  • Providing a reasonable solution to the issue.
  • Providing a reasonable work-around to the issue.
  • Determination by V-Technologies that the issue is an enhancement request and forwarding the request to the Development Team for future consideration.

V-Technologies reserves the right to limit each support call to 30 minutes at which time we will determine a course of action (appointment, forward to level 2, etc.). If your issue requires multiple calls to resolve, you will only be charged for the first call. Because each support issue is logged as a different case, any other unrelated issue will be treated as a separate incident. All calls are assigned a case number. Case numbers may be requested from the technician at any time.
Support cases cannot be referenced after 30 days from the date at which the case was opened unless the issue is a bug or ongoing.

Case Escalation

In the event that the issue cannot be resolved by our level 1 technical support staff and further research is needed, the level 1 technician will escalate the case to second level. Our second level support analysts are dedicated to further researching your question or problem and working with you toward the ultimate resolution of the issue. The level 2 technician will work to further document your issue and work towards a resolution or escalate the problem to a senior technician in the event that the problem cannot be resolved at the second level.

Product Bugs and Defects

In the event that the software problem is deemed a defect or a bug, the bug will be logged in our tracker system and forwarded to the development team for future research. At the point of disengagement, the technician will provide you with the bug defect number and you will be further notified of the progress of the fix. Please note that unexpected behavior that can be isolated to a user’s specific configuration or environment does not constitute a product defect. The Support Analyst may provide troubleshooting suggestions for unexpected behavior in these cases, but is not responsible for the resolution of any such behavior.

  • The following are instances in which a support contract is NOT used
  • The issue is a bug or defect.
  • The issue is ongoing and an incident was applied to initial case.
  • The issue is considered an enhancement request.
  • The question constitutes the request for a link, registration or options keys.
  • Request for specific locations for documentation not in the V-Technologies WebHelp.

What types of issues are addressed?

At V-Technologies Technical Support, we want to provide you with support that is both appropriate to the issue and in the best interest of your business needs. While there are many topics that fall within the legitimate scope of our Technical Support, there are also topics which are best handled by other parties or by other parts of your organization. For more information, please refer to StarShip support topics or ShipGear support topics.

Support for users running a free trial
A 30-day free trial is available for ShipGear. For your convenience, 1 free technical support incident is included with your trial. This incident is valid for 30-days from the date you submit the trial request. Subsequent requests for support are available via email only.

Is my version of the software still supported?
The latest information regarding Release Levels and Compatibility can be found on our website: StarShip Version Support, ShipGear Version Support. Information regarding older, unsupported versions may be found within the knowledgebase (StarShip / ShipGear).

How do I contact support?

It may be necessary to translate our hours of operation into your time zone.

StarShip Support

Other StarShip resources:
Online Docs: https://shop.vtechnologies.com/account/login/
Knowledgebase: https://shop.vtechnologies.com/account/login/

ShipGear Support

Other ShipGear resources:
Online Docs: http://www.vtechnologies.com/doc.htm?prodid=2
Knowledgebase: http://www.vtechnologies.com/sg/kb

Contact the Sales Department: 800.462.4016 (option 1) for assistance on non-technical issues such as product purchases, upgrades, subscriptions, and more.

V-Technologies reserves the right to change its Subscription and Support Policies at any time without notice.