Shipping Software for Sage X3 – ShipGear is now StarShip

Shipping Software for Sage X3

It’s a simple equation – the faster you ship, the faster you can collect.

Distributors continually seek efficiencies to enable their warehouse staff to get more product out the door faster.  A common bottleneck is the shipping manifest task — how to efficiently exchange order data between your ERP software to your shipping software.  The Sage ERP X3 integration with StarShip, developed by NexTec Group, eliminates this bottleneck, facilitating the swift exchange of strategic shipping data between your ERP package and your shipping software.

How It Works

  1. Create your shipment normally within Sage ERP X3
  2. Scan the order/shipment number into StarShip
  3. All pertinent order data is loaded into the StarShip screen
  4. Perform further rate shipping as desired
  5. Record contents of each package
  6. Print required labels and shipping documents
  7. Shipment data, including actual cost, tracking number, and package contents written back to Sage ERP X3

Save time and improve accuracy

StarShip integration with Sage ERP X3 eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and the inevitable mistakes that go with it.  Simply scan the order/shipment number into StarShip and all the relevant data populates the screen.  No need to re-enter the shipment address, phone number, list of products, carrier or shipping method.  It’s an easy, intuitive flow that supports and streamlines your organization’s existing practices.